Sunday, 31 January 2016

Getting Refugees the Help They Desperately Need

Yank Barry is a firm believer in the idea that refugees are desperately in need of help and that if we don't help them, no one else will. They are not going to be magically saved and he is well aware of that. He is taken upon his own shoulders to try and save as many refugees as he can, providing support to over 1,200 refugees since he started. These refugees are mainly from the middle east and include people from every race and creed. Whether it is Kurds from Iran or Syrian Christians, he is pleased to be able to improve their lives.

Yank Barry has worked closely with the President of The State Agency for Refugees in Bulgaria, Mr. Nicolay Chirpanliev. There is a reason for Mr. Barry's involvement in refugee issues in Bulgaria, a personal one. Much of his family was welcomes into the country in the midst of World War Two, when Jews were fleeing to escape Hitler's irrational rage. Due to this, Yank Barry's respect for the country of Bulgaria in dealing with refugee issues is strong.

Barry is much than just a philanthropist, though, he is an entrepreneur and a musician. He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company called VitaPro Foods, which he founded. VitaPro Foods creates textured vegetable protein. He also serves as CEO of ProPectin.