Friday, 22 April 2016

Yank Barry And VItaPro

During his many travels completing philanthropic aid, legendary businessman and musician Yank Barry discovered a huge gap in the quality of food noticed around the world. He particularly saw this massive shortcoming with food intended for Africa, personally inspecting a shipment and realizing the lack of fresh food being shared with the nation’s hungry.

With a desire to help as well as knowledge of the immense need for better food in Africa and other countries facing famine, Yank Barry merged his humanitarian work with his business ventures to help launch VitaPro in 1990.

The company, which touts the tagline “a leader in the soy revolution,” creates a soy-based meat substitute. This dehydrated, protein-rich food -- free from any animal products or by-products -- has the same texture and taste of meat, available in three flavors. VitaPro not only solves the problem of lack of refrigeration and preparation ability faced by those in many countries, but it also provides a nutritious meat substitute to people who benefit immensely from its high fiber and protein-rich content.

VitaPro grew to distribution in more than 50 countries, aiding thousands upon thousands of individuals who need food but don’t always receive immediate first-hand assistance.