Friday, 21 October 2016

Yank Barry, Humanitarian

A little more than 20 years ago, while he was traveling the world for business as a successful entrepreneur, Yank Barry saw conditions that changed everything for him. People were living in the worst conditions imaginable and it bothered him to the point that he reassessed his priorities and it made a conscious decision to help as many of them as possible get out of poverty.

Yank Barry is considered a world-class philanthropist these days because his efforts have been very successful. The best example comes with his global hunger initiative, the Global Village Champions Foundation. That organization has provided more than one billion meals to the hungry worldwide since 1995. But there is more. Unlike many philanthropists, Yank and his wife Yvette don't just write checks; they put themselves on the front lines to aid people caught in crisis. They work closely with local agencies and NGOs all over the world to bring help to everyone possible, even when they are in politically unstable areas that others avoid. Recently, they have saved thousands of refugees from war torn Syria, Iraq and Iran, helping them to leave behind the violence and volatility caused by groups like ISIS, providing them with whatever they need to rebuild their lives.